Market assessments and Business planning

We help businesses become more aware of their market, operating landscape, competition and own positioning. Our business consulting services typically include market size (volume and value), growth (historical and projected), demand-supply gap analysis, price point analysis, value chain, competitor analysis, drivers/challenges and trends, relevant models showing the business strengths and positioning, etc. 
The key to any successful business is to have a clear plan and to take action during the implementation of the plan to ensure that progress is measured and corrective action taken where necessary. The aim of our business planning service is to:

⦁ Identify where your business is now. 
⦁ Plan effectively for the future 
⦁ Focus on key strengths. 
⦁ Improve management information. 
⦁ Maximize the effective use of resources.
⦁ Identify the funding requirement.
⦁ Forecast the financial implications of the project.

Having assisted in the preparation of the plan, we will then work with you in the months and years ahead in the monitoring and updating of the plan to ensure that the most effective benefit is obtained for you.

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